Marine Engineering


Course Details

3 Day course available to anyone with little technical background.

British College of Technology and Commerce with training partners will like to offer you skilled training from industry experts and technical training support teams that takes you to the core knowledge in deducing the quality used engine oils and fuels in your industrial engines. This includes how often you should be replacing your engine oils and fuels in order to extend the life of your engines whilst benefitting from its optimal performance. Our provision of training needs comes from industry experts of choice in making sound and competent decisions when it comes to the following industrial test just to mention a brief list of the numerous tests and training that we can conduct.

  • Water-in-Oil measurement,
  • Total Base Number, and
  • Viscosity

We can help you train your company personnel to perform or provide testing services for these and many more tests. All these tests are conducted with state of the art technological equipment with adequate reagents and spares made available. We also have tailor-made

training solutions and testing for industries wherever and whenever they want this service delivery.

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