Oil & Gas Level 4 & 5

Oil and Gas Level 4 and 5 (HNC/HND)

The HNC programmes have the core (essential) and some electives (your choice) modules. The programme leader at BCTC will help you to choose your choice of options considering industrial demand, your professional experience and interest.  Each module is worth a set number of credits and is specified as either level 4 or level 5. Modules are studied consecutively starting with the core modules at level 4. Elective modules can be studied in any order, as there are no prerequisites they are chosen by the student with guidance from programme leader.

For an HNC you must complete a minimum of 125 credits including the core modules with a maximum of 50 credits at level 5. In practice, this means that, as there are a number of core Level 5 modules, only one additional level 5 elective can be chosen.

Core modules Level Credit
Analytical Methods for Engineers 4 15
Petroleum Production Engineering 4 15
Project 5 20
Petroleum Processing Engineering 5 15
Elective modules Level Credit
Application of Pneumatics and Hydraulics 4 15
Engineering Applications 4 15
Distributed Control Systems 4 15
Heat Transfer & Combustion 4 15
Analytical Instrumentation 4 15
Measurement of Process Variables 4 15
Petroleum Facilities Emergency Shut Down Systems 4 15
Mass Transfer Operations 5 15
Business Management Techniques 5 15
Petroleum Refinery Engineering 5 15
Engineering Design 5 15
Instrumentation and Control Principles 5 15
Control Systems and Automation 5 15
Safety Engineering 5 15

Typical programme structure for an HNC in Petroleum Engineering

Year Module title Credit Module title Credit
1 Analytical Methods for Engineers Level 4 Core 15 Petroleum Production Engineering Level 4 Core 15
2 Heat Transfer and Combustion Level 4 Elective 15 Engineering Applications Level 4 Elective 15
3 Applications of Pneumatics and Hydraulics Level 4 Elective 15 Petroleum Facilities Emergency Shutdown Level 4 Elective 15
4 Petroleum Processing Engineering Level 5 Core 15 Project *Level 5 Core 20

* The Project module has been designed to allow the students the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the programme alongside their own experience

This example structure allows for a student completing two modules per year. As a flexible open learning student you can work at your own pace and complete more or less modules, although less than two modules per year will impact on your completion of the programme within the five year registration period.

On completion of the HNC you may wish to progress on to the HND programme, a typical programme structure is given below:

Typical programme structure for an HND in Petroleum Engineering, as a top up from HNC in Petroleum Engineering

Year Module title Credit Module title Credit
1 Analytical Instrumentation Level 4 Elective 15 Measurement of Process Variables Level 4 Elective 15
2 Mass Transfer Operations Level 5 Elective 15 Petroleum Refinery Engineering Level 5 Elective 15
3 Safety Engineering Level 5 Elective 15 Control Systems and Automation Level 5 Elective 15
4 Business Management Techniques Level 5 Elective 15 Engineering Design Level 5 Elective 15

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