Find Below a few of several Testimonies from Students enrolled at BCTC

                                                             Solomon K. Appiah

My first visit to BCTC left me enthralled after l ooking at the infrastructure and maintenance of the college. The school is full of limitless opportunities if one wants to discover something. Besides that, the college gave me sweet memories, friends and a sense of confidence to face the challenges and turbulence in life. Lecturers go out their ways to do the needful.

During my studies in BCTC on electrical wiring I had so much fan working in the workshop for my practical work. The college provided me with opportunity to broaden my knowledge. The dedication, support and motivation from the staff were amazing which has enhanced the realization of my goal as electrical engineer.

I will forever be indebted to BCTC.


       Emmanuel Yeboah

I have been able to develop as a student of BCTC. Thanks to the management of BCTC for

unique resource provided to enable students/trainee learn with ease.

The school educates student in a creative way and encourages trainees to think outside the box.

After successful completion of my training programme I will find myself in a very reputable oil company with attractive salary and I am optimistic about the future because of the excellent training I’m receiving from BCTC.



Festus Tackie

Throughout my three months of electrical engineering course at BCTC I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events.  These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully placed at the best performing level of my programme.

Thanks to all my mates and friends for this amazing journey at BCTC. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to the management of BCTC for their support and encouragement, this wouldn’t be possible without them.



Benjamin Kwame Owusu

I am grateful to the tutors and management of BCTC for their constant encouragement and support during my health and safety training programme at the college. They advised me to move away from my comfort zone, challenged and pushed me to be better and creative in my practical and theoretical training because of which I now have enough confidence to tackle any problem. The college arranged many technical workshops and helped me to secure my dream job as health and safety supervisor in very reputable oil company in Ghana.

I wish to recommend BCTC to any students/trainee who wishes to do health and safety courses


Christian Menyawovor Doe

BCTC has given an astonishing platform for the development of the students. The campus has excellent infrastructure and is very beautiful with perfect blend of nature and student friendly amenities.  The lectures are very friendly, professionals and inspiring.  The workshop and other facilities are unique which enhance teaching and learning.

The school has the latest testing instrument in their laboratory and the tutors have practical industrial experience to deliver on points. It’s been a privilege to be a part of this renowned college.



Kuigan Kokou

I made the best choice to study at BCTC on oil and gas course. Besides helping the students build their career, the college also enhances competences and skill sets that help students grow their professional life in an exponential peace. The college ensures that student/trainee have in-depth knowledge about all the subjects that are most needed to become a key person in a dynamic corporate scenario. It has been breath taking in developing my overall personality, fueling confidence in me.  BCTC has achieved excellence in imparting high quality education with prime focus on holistic learning and inculcating competitive abilities in students which has helped me immensely. I thank the school authorities for their support and altruism.

They have played a very crucial role in shaping me. I am carrying along with me beautiful memories of this place and will always cherish the school.

                                                                             John Kwame Abaitey

It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my solar installation training at BCTC. The relation between the lectures and Student was very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest. BCTC has made the best efforts to provide all the facilities. The six months spent in the college was splendid and has helped me to grow better personally and professionally. I would like to thank all the staff for making me a better person.





Operations Manager                                                     

Since my employment with British College of Technology and Commerce (BCTC) as an operations Manager, I have had too many good memories to tell about the College.

In BCTC one feels appreciated and is acknowledged for his/her dedication and hard work. There is unquestionably an exceptional energy from the top down that is transmittable and synergy that crosses the college sideways.

In BCTC there are compensated mobility, rock-solid benefits, and opportunities for professional development. In the institute, your ideas are not muted instead you are challenged to seek solutions beyond the conventional boxes the majority would anticipate.

The college invests financially in its employees’ professional development. There is opportunity to do refresher courses and training to adapt to change and new ideas to compete with the rest in the global market.

The college focuses on quality delivery and as such it embraces principles such as clients focus, employees’ involvement and continuous improvement. BCTC adopts the best practices and has unique resources to provide practical training to the students/trainees.

It never gets boring in BCTC. We are exposed to co-workers from diverse educational, functional and technical backgrounds.

BCTC is built on a work philosophy of quality product, ethical action and client success.

As an employee of BCTC I have pretty good solution to job satisfaction and company success. 

In view of the above, I recommend BCTC highly to applicants and students who wish to apply for employment or for further studies.

        ( Office Manager)

My experience with BCTC is awesome as a office manager. BCTC has really shaped my thought and skills handling administrative works. The students at BCTC have challenged me to go the extra mile, working to meet their needs whenever possible.

In view of the college quality delivery, BCTC is now recognized as one of the best Certified Electrical Wiring Professional institute in Ghana.  Most students prefer BCTC as their practical training institution, because of its rating in quality practical and theoretical training.

The management and staff of the college work hard to improve on our past achievements and ensure that the college is a place where student begin their future.

In the light of the above, i recommend BCTC to every student who wishes to have technical and vocational work as a career.

                                                                  Mr. Gomez Caeser (Tutor)

BCTC has been a great place to continue my career as electrical engineering tutor. There are a lot of resources available, from professional development for research, teaching, and service to just personal help and availability from all my colleagues. The students make the teaching experience here also rewarding since they are intelligent, inquisitive, mature and caring. I feel that I am really helping people who want to help others. That is a wonderful feeling

The atmosphere here at the college challenges me to put forth my best efforts in order to help provide a well rounded learning experience for students/trainees.

When people ask me about where I work, I am able to tell them with confidence and enthusiasm that I work for BCTC.

There is something distinctively inviting and unique about BCTC in that you are recognized as part of a team and your contribution to the success of the college goes unnoticed and unrewarded.